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Sunset Creations Au

Shell Trinket Tray

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| Handmade Shell Tray |

These stunning Shell Trays are lovingly handmade with eco friendly, non toxic materials and will be the perfect addition to your home or a gift to your loved one! Use it to hold your small trinkets such as jewellery, hair ties, pins, coins, crystals and more in any space such as your hallway, bedside table, living room, coffee table, bathroom and anywhere else you can think of!

Each piece is carefully handcrafted in beautiful Regional Victoria meaning that each piece will be unique and will slightly vary from the photo. Due to the handmade nature of these trays small air bubbles may be present but don't worry - that's exactly what makes each piece unique and gives it character! Colour may slightly vary but I do try my best to get it right each time.

Care Instructions:
These trays are intended for decorative purposes only. They are not food safe and not microwave or dishwasher safe. Each piece is sealed making it splash proof - not waterproof. It is recommended that any spills are wiped as soon as possible to avoid staining. To clean use a damp cloth with mild detergent if necessary and wipe dry. In wet areas water marks may appear, especially on darker colours. This does not affect the durability of your piece and can be polished off with a cloth or wax if you wish. Avoid harsh detergents. Suitable for candles - wait for the wax to fully dry before removing it, then use a damp cloth to clean up.


- Material: Australian made, eco friendly, non toxic eco casting compound - 'Bramblier'
- Size: 11cm x 11cm