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Shark Stix

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Shark Meat Dehydrated.

Low in fats packed high in omega 3 and 6

If you want to give your dog or cat, low fat, low energy dog treat, that will clean their teeth and prevent lameness and future arthritis issues – then Shark is the option.

ANIMAL products have ZERO carbs Fish is known for very high protein content. Lean fish choices also have a superb protein-to-calorie ratio. A constant stream of high quality, high amount of protein and amino acids can be seen as a possible preventative measure for future joint and arthritis problems in dogs. Fish provides a substantial amount of dietary fat that is enriched with essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, a type of carboxylic acids that are adept at reducing inflammation in the body.

The greatest benefit of allowing a healthy amount of essential fatty acids through natural sources like fish for dogs is its ability to treat your canine for arthritis and other joint problems, as several studies have suggested.

No preservatives